How To Make Your Car Last Longer By Avoiding Radiator Problems

Car Last Longer By Avoiding Radiator Problems

Summertime can be a busy time for auto repair shops. One of the top reasons for this is radiator stress. 

And if you know how to handle these issues, then you can get this taken care of before it becomes a bigger problem. But if you don’t, do not fret. 

Today we’re going to talk about radiator problems to watch for if you want your car to last. We’ll go over the 5 most common issues with radiators and if your car is overheating a lot. And if you see any of these signs, then be sure to get your radiator checked out right away!

  • Your water pump or thermostat could be the culprit

Your radiator is designed to regulate its temperature and it does this through a thermostat working with a water pump to cycle fluids. If the water pump goes out, then it simply cannot cool your radiator. The thermostat can stick as well, and then your internal systems don’t know when to circulate coolant, and your engine could overheat.

  • Radiators can occasionally rust

Your radiator is working hard behind the scenes. When you combine metal, fluids, and voltage, you could potentially get electrolysis damage. 

Leaks can develop internally and then rust becomes not only potential but likely. This is seen a lot in cooler environments from road salt getting in your engine, but rust can occur even in warmer environments.

Regular radiator checks with experts such as our team at Crown City Tire Auto Care can help and make sure our services are well worth your while.

  • Your radiator might have fan clutch issues

Aside from your water pump and thermostat, you’ve got internal fans helping to ensure that your radiator is functioning at optimal temperatures. If you notice your car temperature raising constantly when it’s warmer out or worse, steam rising from the hood when it’s warm, you should pull over immediately and get it checked out.

Overheating can cause serious damage so these are definitely not signs to ignore.

  • Is your coolant leaking?

A coolant leak is one of the easiest to spot, as you’ll notice telltale drops or puddles of bright fluids on your driveway. This can easily be addressed in most cases but you’ll want to do it quickly before it becomes a more serious issue.  

  • Blockage and buildup

Like any system that works with circulating fluids, radiators can suffer from internal buildup that accrues over time. One sign of this is your heater starting to function poorly, as the heater core in your vehicle stops functioning efficiently due to the buildup affecting the fluids cycle. 

If you notice this, especially if your vehicle starts overheating as well, then it’s time to get a little expert assistance.

How do I find a tire shop near me?

These are the 5 main radiator problems to watch for if you want your car to last. We hope that this list has been helpful and if you have noticed any of the signs which we have listed, be sure to get it checked out quickly! Thankfully, help is just around the corner.

If you are in the Pasadena area and looking for assistance with your radiator issues, you could simply Google ‘auto shop Pasadena’ or ‘tire shop Pasadena’ to save yourself a little time and go with the best.

Crown City Tire Auto Care has been serving the Pasadena area for over 96 years and we’d be happy to assist you with your auto repair needs. Visit us today and let us take a look!