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We take the hassle out of tire shopping. With our tire shop packages, you’ll get the best value and peace of mind with our road hazards, services, and transparent prices.

Crown City Tire Shop Packages

What’s included:

  • 3 Year Free Road Hazard Warranty (Yes, free!)

  • A lifetime of the tire: free tire rotation, free tire repair, free air pressure checks
  • Free Alignment Check
  • Concierge Service
  • Calibration of TPMS sensors
  • New Valve Stems
  • Mount and Balance

We ensure the best value possible for your tire shop package with our peace of mind and transparency.

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Road Hazard Warranty

We include our 3-year road hazard protection with every tire. While other tire shops charge an additional 12-18% per tire for road hazards, we do not. This way, you get total peace of mind knowing your new investment is protected from the many hazards down the road.

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Tire Shop Experts

It’s not easy to figure out when to replace tires. That’s why we make purchasing tires easy. Our tire experts will listen to your driving requirements and budget to find the perfect tire for you. Whenever you are ready, our technicians will take the time to make sure even a simple tire installation is done correctly.

We carry all major brands and sizes for you:

Typically, a new tire is needed when the condition or thread thickness is below safety standards.


Cracking- excessive cracking due to age, improper inflation, and defects can require a tire replacement

Age- the age of a tire will vary based on driving conditions and the external environment. Rule of thumb is to replace your tires at 6 years of use. 

Damage- punctures, cuts and impacts on non-repairable areas can result in a tire needing replacement. Learn More.

Wear and Tear- typically the minimum thickness for a tire is 2/32nd.  We recommend replacing tires between 4/32nd and below, as a tire reaches its minimum of thickness, your vehicle’s stopping and handling performance lessens. 

Abnormal Tire Wear- excessive tire wear from misalignment and worn suspension may wear a tire prematurely.  Abnormal tire wear can affect your steering and control of the vehicle.  It is recommended to repair any suspension issues during this time.

Yes.  Tesla is a common vehicle in our service center.  Normally Tesla services we provide are: vehicle alignments, tire rotation, tire replacement and brake service   Our team has been trained on the safety and special servicing procedures to work on these vehicles.

What Makes Crown City Tire Auto Care Different From Other Auto Repair Shops?

We set out to make Crown City Tire different from all the other auto repair and tire shops in Pasadena. We understand that many people have anxiety about the unknown. This is why we designed our culture around transparency, ease, and peace of mind.

As a family company, we hold family values close to our hearts. Each customer is treated like a member of our own family. We want you to feel comfortable and know you have found an “auto repair shop near me” to call yours. With our unmatched service and support, we promise to provide the highest quality repairs at the most competitive price. After nearly 100 years of service to the community, we continue to develop ourselves to serve the next generation of families and their vehicles.