Why Do High-Mileage Oils Cost More?

High-Mileage Oils

You’re at the tire shop getting an oil change for an old jalopy, heavy-laden with miles on its engine. After taking a look, the mechanic either inquires about using high-mileage oil or he starts parroting some a pitch that’s akin to an auctioneer. 

If you’re not versed in engine oil, you’re probably drawing a blank at this point in the conversation. You might wonder, “Is the extra cost worth spending on high-mileage oil?” 

In general, no. However, some things can make high-mileage oil a good choice. For instance, if your engine is so old that it burns or leaks oil, you might want to consider it.

What Is High-Mileage Engine Oil?

Most engine oil brands and auto repair shops in Pasadena boast how the additives in high-mileage oil can reduce the problems that come with an aging car. These are a few dollars more per quart than other run-of-the-mill types of oils.

Such oils comprise a blend of petroleum and synthetic oils with seal conditioners, detergents, and special additives. The formulation can potentially reduce or eliminate leaks by rejuvenating the seals while detergents clean out the sludge that builds up. 

Different manufacturers include various substances to reduce the wear of other moving parts too. But it’s important to note that most oils, high mileage or not, advertise some exemplary function or performance. So, it’s equally important to recognize that most of these are marketing ploys to glean the most profit.

When Is High-Mileage Engine Oil A Good Option?

Gaskets and seals shrink and become brittle over time. When such an eventuality occurs, oil begins leaking all over the engine and into the combustion chambers. 

Oil streaks on lower engine parts and stains on your driveway leaving it to become obvious. This often comes complete with smoke wafting from the hood and dripping oil everywhere you drive.

If you leave these issues unattended for too long, it can mean more auto repair costs that you may not be able to afford.

Which Choice Is Right For Me?

So, it’s a judgment call. When budget is a concern and the oil leak isn’t bad, then maybe skip the high-mileage stuff. But, if burning oil is becoming an increasing issue and you have 70,000 miles, using high-mileage oil might be worth it from your tire shop in Pasadena.

Using high-mileage oil is recommended when your engine has accumulated more than 75,000 miles of wear and tear and it billows blue smoke or leaks more than a quart of oil every 6,000 miles or so. Some oil consumption is normal, but profuse amounts aren’t good.

Using A Trusted Mechanic

When searching for a “tire shop near me” online, you can get a feel for the honesty and knowledge base of your mechanic by probing them about high-mileage oil. 

This is why you can trust the staff and technicians at Crown City Tire Auto Care. Our team ensures our customers get the best and most appropriate oil for the ultimate in performance and price. Call us at 626-793-4181 to get your oil change today!