What You Need To Know About Crown City Tire Auto Care, Pasadena

A car is a man’s best friend. It has become a crucial aspect of everyday life. More so, this has led to the importance of keeping the car in good shape.

Now the question arises, how can the life of a car be extended? The answer is simple – by taking the car to an auto repair shop.
With the help of a good auto repair shop, you can have a well-maintained running vehicle. However, it is not considered a fun process for most. But it is something that every car owner has to deal with at some point. It is essential to choose and find the right auto repair store: a hassle-free and trustworthy auto repair shop.
Crown City Tire Auto Care in Pasadena, California, is a family-owned and operated business. It started in 1923 as a tire auto care store and has expanded into many auto repair services.
They are open for six days a week, which is very convenient for people with busy schedules. They not only provide auto repairs in Pasadena but also surrounding areas like South Pasadena, La Canada, etc.


The services provided in this Pasadena auto repair store consist of standard automobile maintenance. They offer a wide variety of tire services and auto repair services following a transparent and convenient process for the customers. The following are the auto repair services offered:

Engine Diagnostic and Repair

It is a process where specialized software in the car diagnostic tools helps in accurately pointing the problems in the engine of the car. It also reveals issues in other major components like transmission and exhaust system. It is one of the best technological advancements in the auto repair and automotive sectors.

Oil Change

It’s necessary to regularly change the oil because as it travels through the engine, it picks up water and dirt and, thus, works less efficiently. The oil keeps the engine lubricated and stops it from overheating, which also helps in improving the mileage of the car. Crown City Tire Auto Care provides regular oil change services, which takes no less than 30 minutes. They offer all kinds of oil and fluid change like brake oil.

Wheel Alignment

This ensures the alignment of the wheels with each other. It improves the stability and minimizes tear on the tires. Getting the alignment checked further helps avoid wears on the steering and brakes of a car. Crown City Tire Auto Care’s expertise with tires gives them the edge on accurately pointing out how much of an adjustment is required.


Brakes are crucial in preventing accidents, among other things. And putting off brake maintenance can be very expensive and a risk to your life as well. Thus, it is essential to let a qualified auto repair expert inspect the car’s brake system. The mechanics at the Pasadena auto repair service thoroughly inspect the brake pads’ condition and thickness along with other brake hardware for the client’s safety.
Air Conditioning and Heater Maintenance
For the auto repair maintenance of the air conditioner and heater, Crown City Tire Auto Care’s auto repair experts will check the cabin air filters and see if it needs to be changed. It is an essential process because a clogged filter traps bacteria, dust, and pollen, which pollute the air inside the car. It proves why regular check of the air conditioner and heater is vital. Plus, it also improves the fuel efficiency of the car. They use the best quality automotive parts for any auto repair issues.


Car suspensions are vital as it is a system that is responsible for keeping the car in control and for having a smooth ride. It maximizes the friction between the roads and the tires to provide proper handling and steering stability. This Pasadena auto repair store is equipped with all the latest technology to offer such services.

Tires and Batteries Services

A convenient tire service where one can now shop tires online and get them installed at the auto repair store. They offer a full facility of tires for all kinds of cars and rims. Battery maintenance is another service provided here at this Pasadena auto repair shop. It is crucial as regular checking can keep the electrical system of the car working without any hindrance.

Scheduled Maintenance

It is a process where the auto mechanics check every part and aspect of the car thoroughly. One can easily book an appointment at Crown City Tire Auto Care by calling on their number. A highly trained professional worker guides through the whole process. Their service is highly professional, informative, and friendly. They not only explain the steps involved but also what caused it and what to expect to the client. They eliminate the unknown fear and anxiety about what will happen. They make sure that every vehicle that leaves the store is in a safe condition to drive.

Why Should Maintenance Be Done Regularly?

Keeping a routine check on the car increases safety while on the road. It also enhances the performance and longevity of the car. Regular car maintenance helps one save money by preventing costlier issues.
The core team at the Pasadena Crown City Tire Auto Care and auto repairs consist of highly experienced individuals from within the automotive industry. There are not many auto repair stores in and near Pasadena that provide quality service at a fair price. It makes it easier to choose their store over going to the dealership. They are an auto repair store that goes above and beyond for the customers.
If ever in need of auto repair near Pasadena, go to the right one; go to Crown City Tire Auto Care. With its fantastic tire collection and newly launched auto repair services, like changing oil, alignments, brakes, batteries, etc., this Pasadena auto repairs will fix it in no time and at a considerable rate. Make an appointment and let the professionals do the work.
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