What To Do If You Notice A Strange Smell Coming From Your Car’s Engine.

What To Do If You Notice A Strange Smell Coming From Your Car’s Engine.

Are you distracted by the foul smells in your car? It is perfectly fine if you can’t get rid of it with air fresheners and whatnot. 

Before you look up a “tire shop near me,” it’s good to refer to this guide about how to identify these bad smells coming from your car’s engine:

Burnt Rubber

The smell of burnt rubber can be unnerving. When you get a whiff of this scent, you should check all rubber parts in your car. 

More often than not, this smell results from the friction between a metal and a rubber part in your vehicle. The most common reasons include a slipping belt or a loose hose from the cooling/power steering system.

If you can’t seem to figure out where the burnt rubber smell comes from, don’t be afraid to ask help from our auto repair shop located in Pasadena.

Hot Oil

Oil heats up whenever you drive. But since the car is a closed system, you shouldn’t be smelling this odor.

If you do, this should alert you to a leak in the oil circulation system. Unfortunately, this means that a hot part may be collapsing onto the exhaust system. To prevent further damages, you need to get this checked by an auto repair shop near you right away. 


Smelling gasoline means that there’s a leak in the pipes – either in the fuel tank or the fuel injector. If the odor is particularly strong, you may also want to visit an auto repair shop as soon as possible. 

Remember: While it’s abnormal to smell gasoline, it’s common in cars manufactured in the 70s (or earlier). This is usually the case when you turn off the engine. 

Burnt Carpet

The smell of burnt carpet hints at problems in the brake pads or the rotors. The odor usually emanates from a stop-and-go situation.

Unless you are in this predicament, you will need to have your car checked right away. After all, your safety relies on these brakes. 


Unless you have a spilled maple syrup in your grocery bag, this smell often pertains to a leak in the engine coolant.

You need to be careful when checking this though as the hot radiator may burn you. And before the problem gets worse, we recommend you should have this fixed immediately.

Rotten Eggs

Again, unless you left eggs in the trunk, this smell should alert you to a problem in the catalytic converter.

As the name suggests, the converter works by transforming engine gases. This is a delicate issue and as such will need the help of a tire shop professional.  

Where To Troubleshoot Your Engine Problems?

Now that you’re aware of the different smells coming from your car’s engine, there’s no shame in seeking expert help if you can’t get rid of them yourself. 

With the help of Crown City Tire Auto Care in Pasadena, you can eliminate any of these smells right away!