The 5 Signs Your Car Starter Is Failing

Car Starter Is Failing

Car not starting? Before you start thinking about how expensive it will be to fix it, you should check your starter system. Most likely, the vehicle’s problems stem from a problem with the starter.

But, how can you tell? Well, you can always head to our auto repair in Pasadena. However, there are a few ways to diagnose the problem yourself.

What Is The Starter?

The starter will often be the focal point of many auto repair jobs, so it is probably worth knowing what it does.

The starter is actually two components. You have a small motor, and you have a relay. These two components are powered by the battery in the vehicle. The idea is that when you start your vehicle, the starter motor kicks the vehicle’s engine into action.

If the starter isn’t working properly, then the engine won’t start. Simple as that. It is a small device, but it can have huge ramifications for the operation of your vehicle.

Let’s jump into 5 ways that you can tell that your starter is causing issues with your vehicle.

Your vehicle sounds odd

Is your vehicle making a clicking noise when you try to start it? This could be a sign that your starter is either dying or completely dead. For many looking out for issues that may need auto repair, this is going to be one of the first signs.

The lights work but the car isn’t starting

This would indicate that there is nothing wrong with the power system in your vehicle. It indicates that there is something wrong with the engine.

The engine is not revving

If your engine is not revving, then this points to either a problem with the engine or the starter. You can always try and jumpstart the vehicle. 

However, if that doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, you will probably need to reach out to our auto repair in Pasadena for help.

You see smoke

Tried cranking your vehicle several times and you now see smoke? You could have caused the starter to overheat. If you smell burning or physically see smoke, then stop cranking that vehicle. You now need to seriously start to look into auto repair services.

You see oil on the starter

Open the hood and look for the starter. It is going to be on the driver’s side near the engine. If it is covered in oil, the starter is going to die. 

However, the problem here is that you have an oil leak somewhere. So, not only does that starter needs replacing, but you also need to get the oil leak problem dealt with.

What can cause starter problems?

A lot of different things can lead to starter issues. Chances are that the problem is not isolated to the starter. There will be something that triggers it. Only an auto repair expert can help you to get to the bottom of the problem. Bad starters can be caused by:

  • Corrosion in the battery
  • The starter system is old and has started to wear out
  • Oil leaks in the vehicle
  • Loose wiring

Troubleshooting issues with a car starter

Let’s wrap up by giving you a few ways you can troubleshoot issues with your starter. Although, of course, the best option will be to always get in touch with an auto repair professional in Pasadena.

Check the battery

The starter needs power from the battery. So, it may be worth looking under the hood to ensure that everything is in good working order. This means no corrosion on the battery and the battery cables should be in good condition.

Lightly tap the starter

This is only going to be a temporary solution. All you need to do here is lightly tap the starter. Sometimes this will kick it back into action. Since you don’t want to be doing this every single time you start your vehicle, talk to an auto repair agent as quickly as you can.

Check the transmission

This only applies if you have an automatic vehicle. Sometimes, switching the transmission to neutral should be enough to start the car. Although, once again, this is going to be a temporary fix. If this happens, then you need to get your transmission looked at by an expert.

Check the fuel

Finally, check your fuel levels. In some cases, the simplest solution is the best solution. If you have no fuel, that car won’t start.

If you have issues with your vehicle, get in touch with Crown City Tire Auro Care today. Our company provides auto repair in Pasadena. We will help to diagnose your vehicle problems and get you back on that road as soon as possible!