Vehicle and wheel alignment are critical in ensuring your vehicle drives correctly down the road and to maintain normal tire wear.  With our Hunter Engineering alignment machine, we can service nearly any domestic and European vehicle with ease.  

We truly take pride in offering the perfect alignment, we use manufacturer guidelines and tools to perform this service.  Every vehicle is test driven and given a safety approval before you pick up for total peace of mind.

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What makes our Alignments different?

Pothole Forgives Warranty- we know in California potholes are hard to avoid, that’s why you will receive a 60-day forgiveness warranty for any accidental impacts.  Just bring it back and we will correct your alignment for free

Latest technology- our alignment machine is recognized by all vehicle manufactures as the standard for precision alignments.  Our technicians go through our training certification to ensure each alignment is performed correctly, every time.

Calibration of electrical systems– modern vehicles require more than just adjustment of suspension components, but also calibration of steering and drive systems.  We perform necessary calibrations with each vehicle as required by the manufacturer.  Our scan tools and diagnostic equipment is updated with the latest software to ensure we can perform this service.

True multi point adjustments– while some shops just adjust one or two angles, we take pride in spending the extra time with adjusting all available suspension angles and components as necessary.  This extra time ensures we are providing the best possible alignment for you.

Normally a vehicle alignment is required due to movement in suspension components from impacts, wear and tear and replacement of suspension parts.  Common symptoms of a misalignment are: tilted steering wheel, abnormal and fast tire wear, and pulling condition when driving.

We recommend checking your alignment when purchasing new tires.  This will ensure that your new tires will wear evenly and have a longer lifespan. Your alignment check is always free when purchasing 2 or more tires, so you have peace of mind that your new tires will perform and wear as designed. 

It is also a good rule of thumb to check your alignment every year or 15,000 miles, as normal wear and tear can cause a vehicle misalignment.

Each vehicle varies on the time to perform an alignment.  In addition to adjusting the suspension, we wil check all suspension components for any issues, calibrate necessary electronic components and perform a quality control test drive.  Normally a vehicle alignment can take 30 to 60 minutes.

Yes.  Tesla is a common vehicle in our service center.  The Hunter Engineering alignment machine has the proper software to support these vehicles.  Our team has been trained on the safety and special servicing procedures to work on these vehicles. 

What makes Crown City Tire and Auto Care Different?

We set out to make Crown City Tire different from any other auto repair and tire center.  We know many people look at auto repair with anxiety and the unknown.  That’s why we set out to design ourselves around a culture of: transparency, ease, and peace of mind.

At the heart, we are a family company with family values.  We treat our customers as they are part of our own family.  We want to make you feel comfortable, and leave us knowing that you found “your shop”.  Our promise is to provide the greatest value with high quality repairs, competitive pricing, and unmatched service and support.  With nearly 100 years of servicing the community, we continue to develop ourselves to serve the next generations of families and their vehicles.