Safety Measures Taken By Crown City Tire Auto Care During COVID-19

Crown City Tire Auto Care is an auto repair shop in Pasadena, CA. Our services include engine repair and diagnostics, car maintenance repair works on brakes, oil, alignment, air conditioning, batteries, and suspension.

The company has been around the circuit for 97 years and is one of the most trusted and renowned Pasadena auto repair shops.

We leave no excuses for letting the customers feel our own, as our employees and the management team work tirelessly and give their full attention to the customer’s problems.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Automotive Industry

Auto repair shops in the United States are classified as an essential service. Automotive parts manufacturers and distributors become important automatically to continue to order and obtain parts.

However, many people do not drive their vehicles much due to requests to stay home, which has reduced the demand for vehicle maintenance and repair.

Several US states reopened in May, and the need for routine maintenance has increased compared to the state it was in during the lockdown.

Many repair shops have implemented safety precautions to continue work during the epidemic. This includes wearing gloves and masks while working on the customer’s car and disinfecting the steering wheel and gear before returning the car.

Others offer to collect customers’ cars from their homes or workplaces to be of service to customers without the risk of exposure to the virus. The demand for this service may continue after COVID-19, as customers would like to have it because it is an easier way of maintaining their cars.

Measures Taken by our Pasadena Auto Repair Shop to Control the Spread of COVID-19

Our automotive repair center in Pasadena offers free vehicle collection or delivery to stop the spread of COVID-19. These services help keep our customers safe and remote.

Our store follows precautionary measures that ensure safe servicing for your car. Safety measures include thorough cleaning of the vehicle.

We are observant for updates on the current epidemic. Due to COVID-19, we are trying to make the necessary adjustments for our customers. As a responsible company, we should provide a safe and healthy work environment for our customers and employees.

It is essential to ensure that our number one priority is to carefully operate the best auto mechanic services in these difficult times. It is also important to note that we know the news about COVID-19 and keep ourselves updated.

We should follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Apart from all these things, let us look into some more steps to prevent the disease’s spread.

1. We de-sanitize work areas after every repair

Throughout our 97 years of operation, Crown City Tire Auto Care has always kept our customers’ satisfaction as their prime goal. Our Pasadena auto repair shop’s top priority during these challenging times is to keep our operations safe for our customers and our employees.

We keep our work environment completely clean and safe. Our teams of auto mechanics follow the same safety standards before and after the vehicle repair. We sanitize and clean every vehicle after touching or performing work. Our staff will wash hands after performing repairs on vehicles and after touching every vehicle.

We thoroughly disinfect the equipment and tools after every use. Our staff members use a one-time use glove policy wherein the gloves used while handling the automobiles will be disposed of after touching every vehicle.

2. Clean Customer-waiting Areas

We will share the work of our team of auto mechanics with our customers through their preferred communication methods. In this way, customers can be informed about vehicle repair progress through electronic links, such as calls or SMS.

Although minimal physical contact is maintained, some loyal customers come in and do their repairs personally. Hence, we have to keep the waiting rooms and lobby area very clean for everyone’s safety.

Masks are made compulsory, and a distance of 6-feet is maintained for every customer inside the waiting areas and lobby. We disinfect high use areas after every exposure and use, such as couches & seating, lobby desk, credit card terminal, refreshment areas, restrooms and door handles, etc.

Hand soaps are available in the restroom for customers to wash their hands. Hand sanitizer is available by automatic hands-free dispensers for all staff and customers in the lobby area. Disinfecting and nightly cleaning of all areas, including lobby areas and shop areas, including all public traffic areas, is done after every working day.

3. Constantly Testing Employees and Taking Daily Temperature Testing

Our Pasadena auto repair shop is a family-owned business, and the values of being close have been inculcated and carried on to this present day. We function so smoothly because of the hard work our staff puts in day in and day out.

Their health is also at risk, coming in to work six days of the week. Hence, daily temperature screening is taken when they check-in and check-out.

A touchless thermometer is used, and these checks are conducted in a private location of the premises. Everyone here has to follow the protocol to maintain the 6-foot distance.

We boast of exceptionally skilled professionals, and at Crown City Tire Auto Care, we work tirelessly towards fulfilling our customers’ and our employees’ demands and supplies.

For a safe and better auto care service experience, you can easily reach Crown City Tire Auto Care at (626) 793-4181.