Prepare Your Car For Winter Weather With Proper Treads

In the winter, we may experience ice, rain, and other weather conditions that pose a risk to vehicle safety. That possibility means it’s important to take precautionary steps to make sure you deck your car with the right treads for wet, wintery roads.

Here is a small list of questions to consider when you’re looking at getting a new set of tires at a tire shop:

Does the tire tread suit the conditions you might be driving in?

If you know you’re going to be driving in snow in the winter, rain in the spring and summer, and possibly ice in the early fall mornings, all-weather tires will provide the traction you need.

For climates with a wetter climate, all-season tires are better suited. 

Do the tires have any special features for performance?

Features you may find in some tires include (but aren’t limited to) driving speed, turning, and fuel economy. Some tires may help with fuel efficiency. 

If you’re interested in getting tires with special features, check a local tire shop for more information. 

How long will the tires last?

Longevity in a tire refers to how many miles they’re expected to last. If you have a long commute on a regular basis, this might be something you want to specifically ask for at an auto repair when you’re shopping for tires.

Is the tire durable enough to handle your regular travel?

If the tires are going to be used on a truck at a farm with a rough driveway, they will have to endure different wear and tear than if they were being used primarily for going to school and home.

How To Find Tires Right For You?

Determining which set of tires will work for your use is as simple as finding a “tire shop near me” and stopping to shop. I’m sure any mechanic would be happy to deck your car with the right treads for wet, wintery roads. Just ask them about the conditions you’ll need to meet and they’ll be sure to get you set up and on a roll!

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