Make Your Vehicle Shine All Winter-Long With These Tips

As any car owner knows, it is extremely important to maintain your car to keep it on the road and looking good as long as possible. Seasonal maintenance is very essential to keeping your car in good condition. 

Read on to learn more about our pro tips to make your vehicle shine all winter long!

Wash Off Summer Grime

The first step to keeping your car shiny is to give it a wash! The summer months can be hard on your vehicle, getting it soiled with pollen, bird droppings, tar, dead insects, and sap. 

If you don’t wash it off before wintertime, they can embed themselves in your vehicle. Taking your vehicle to a drive-through car wash or at home with a hose is necessary. 

Remove Contaminants With A Synthetic Clay Bar

Once you have given your car a good wash, run your hands across the surface of your vehicle. If you feel any rough spots, take a clay bar and remove contaminants that have bonded to the paint. A clay bar is made specifically for vehicles. It gently pulls off the bonded material without damaging the paint. 

Vaccum The Interior Thoroughly

Removing all of the dirt, rocks, and fibers that have accumulated over the summer months is the first place to start to get a clean cabin. 

Wipe Down All Surfaces And Grim From Seats

Car seats are magnets for dirt and grime. Everything from food and drink spills, to mud and sap, car seats get the short end of the stick! This dirt and grime will end up attracting more. 

Use A Window Cleaner Designed For Cars

Dirty and streaky windows make your car look uncared for. It is important to keep windows clean and streak-free so you can see clearly when driving in the winter weather. Always use a window cleaner that is formulated for cars to ensure that streak-free shine. 

Use Quality Wax To Get Winter-Long Protection

Carnauba and synthetic waxes are popular and effective waxes for use to give you winter-long protection. Ceramic-based waxes provide a sturdier protection shield that lasts longer than traditional waxes. You will find this wax labeled “ceramic infused” or “SI02 technology”. 

Don’t Let Rainwater Dry On Vehicle Surfaces

When rainwater dries on your vehicle, it causes water spotting and can attract contaminants. After it rains, you can use a silicone blade that is made for vehicles, or you can use a yard blower. Pennington adds that he would drive his car around a few blocks to air dry it off. 

Check Your Headlights For Oxidation

Hazy, yellow lenses are caused by the ultraviolet rays of the summer sun. You can purchase a lens restoration kit to clear off the oxidation and brighten your nighttime view. 

Install Winter Floor Mats

Use winter floor mats to prevent moisture from getting into your carpets. Moisture can result in mold and odor problems.

Add Some Wax And Shine To All Wheels

Road grim from the summer months can cause pitting and stains. A layer of wax will keep them protected and shiny through the winter.

Consider Seat Covers For The Winter Months

Using car seat covers will prevent moisture from getting into the fabric and growing moldy and smelly. 

Treat Leather Seats

Use a conditioner to keep your leather seats supple. It also protects them against spills to keep them looking sharp. 

For more information on how to make your vehicle shine during the winter months, visit our local tire shop at Crown City Tire!