Is Cruise Control Safe To Use In The Rain?

Cruise control is a nice feature to have in any car. However, can you use it when the driving conditions are wet? 

You’ll want to know before you try it! If you need help, you may want to visit a tire shop first. It’s essential to have a reliable grip on the road when using this feature.

Many rumors are going around about cruise control, so let’s break them down together. Will a car lose control with auto-speed on in the rain? 

How Cruise Control Works

First, you’ll want to know precisely how cruise control works. The technology monitors your car’s driving speed and then adjusts the throttle, keeping it moving at the same rate. 

Cruise control is only accurate within a few KPH or MPH, so it’s not a good idea to use it while speeding.

Additionally, your car’s engine needs to fight wind resistance and friction to stay at the same speed. It’s even harder on your engine when going up a hill! 

Keep an eye on when you’re using cruise control – you don’t want to wear out your engine.

 If you suspect something’s wrong with your cruise control, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Make sure to visit an auto repair in Pasadena before using it again.

Common Cruise Control Features

There are several cruise control features your car can offer. They include:

  • On/off button: This allows you to use cruise control.
  • Set: This allows you to choose the speed of your car.
  • Cancel: Ends cruise control and lets you change speeds with gas and brakes.
  • Resume: This enables you to use cruise control at the last speed setting.
  • Radar or adaptive control: Technology detects other cars and stays a reasonable distance behind them.
  • Speed limit warning: Your car lets you know if you go above the speed limit. It can adjust so you’re never speeding.
  • Increment and decrement control: This allows you to adjust your car’s speed setting.

Using Cruise Control In The Rain

So, is cruise control dangerous in the rain? In general, the answer is no! 

You should visit your local tire shop in Pasadena to make sure your wheels have enough traction to resist slipping in wet conditions. As long as you have good traction, you should be safe.

It’s still best not to use cruise control in heavy rainstorms, standing water, icy conditions, or slush. Not every car has the technology to adjust its speed automatically. You don’t want to zoom through deep puddles – you could hydroplane!

Your car may try to speed up in the rain too. It could sense more resistance and add more speed. Overall, it’s not dangerous to use cruise control in the rain, but you need to ensure safe road conditions first. If you’re seeing a lot of standing water or the rain gets heavier, you should take over.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, you can safely use cruise control in light rains. If you find yourself searching “the best tire shop near me” online, make sure to call Crown City Tire Auto Care. We can assist you in all sorts of auto repair – including setting you up to make the most of your car’s cruise control features!