How To Save On Gasoline As Prices Rise


Many drivers fear the arrival of winter colds for multiple reasons – the gas price blues not the least of it. Luckily, there are a few techniques you can use to stretch your fuel mileage.

Tips For Milder Climates:

1. Keep standard tires
There’s no need to get mud-and-snow tires if there’s no mud-and-snow where you live. These tires provide extra grip, which is a safety must-have in cold weather, but more resistance means less fuel efficiency.

2. Replace air filters
This can increase fuel economy by a few per cent, particularly in older vehicles.

3. Activate cruise control on highways
This will help with speed maintenance. Constant speed helps with fuel economy.

4. Regular oil change
Bank on quality. Cheap and/or old oil increases engine friction – which, in turn, increases fuel expenditure.

5. Get a vehicle inspection
You should do this before every season, but it’s particularly important in winter. Defective filters, sensors, etc. can all influence fuel efficiency, reducing it up to 3 miles per gallon.

6. Get a tune-up
Vehicles that fail an emissions test, for example, burn up to 4% more fuel than those that are well-tuned. Spark plays igniting creates heat and erosion, with worn-out spark plugs misfiring burning even more fuel.

Tips For Colder Climates:

1. Remove all unnecessary cargo
Carting around extra weight decreases fuel efficiency, so clean out your car and trunk before setting out. It may increase fuel mileage by much at first look, but it will accumulate.

2. Monitor pressure on your tires
Underinflated tires can cost you an extra couple of miles any time of the year since it leads to greater resistance. In cold weather, tire pressure may fall much faster than you’ve anticipated. One way to avoid this is to invest in a pressure gauge.

3. Use the right oil
Using oil with a grade that doesn’t fit your climate or vehicle can not only reduce your fuel efficiency but accelerate vehicle wear and tear. Consult with a service advisor if need be, but make sure to select the correct oil grade for the winter.

4. Park in a garage (if you have the means)
Leaving your car in a garage means there’s no need to burn fuel while it’s sitting out in a frozen driveway.

5. Invest in a vehicle block heater
This may not be necessary if your area doesn’t get extremely cold, but it could be a useful investment nonetheless. A vehicle block heater can keep the inner workings of our car warm for up to two hours, reducing the need to idly burn fuel while not on the move.

6. Avoid speedy acceleration and erratic change in pace
Well, you should do so anyway for safety reasons, but if you need additional motivation – here it is. Aggressive driving, with frequent speeding up and slowing down can burn up to 30% more fuel than smooth acceleration and maintaining a constant speed.

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