How To Prepare Your Car For A Road Trip

Maybe you’ve stayed in a place for too long, and now you’re longing to be somewhere else fun and more enjoyable. Maybe you want to go someplace where it snows because it doesn’t where you live.

There are countless roads to drive on, several people to visit, and many places you might have wanted to explore. Either way, it’s time to get your car and hit the roads.

However, all these plans will be a misfire if you cannot rely on your car. Minor breakdowns during your usual commute are a different thing, but what if you are in the middle of nowhere and your car just stops running?

Taking care of your car all year round is necessary but even more crucial when planning to take it on a road trip. So take a look at these essential maintenance duties to prepare your car for a safe road trip.


They are like the lifeline of the car. Think about the last time you serviced your car’s fluids and how much you’ve driven since then. You also need to consider how far you’re planning to go on your next road trip so that you can take care of the things now that might need attention later.


Everybody knows that oil is crucial for engines. Back then, it used to be imperative to change oils after every 3000-5000 miles. However, with improvement in technology these days, the recommended interval is 7500-10,000 miles. To check the engine oil, you can use the dipstick. If the oil is below the minimum line, black, or grainy, it’s time to change it immediately.

Brake Fluid

Finding out that your brakes don’t work will not be pleasing when you are mid-way on your road trip! Make sure you change the brake fluid after every 24,000 miles. If you are not sure about when you last checked your brake oil, you can look for signs like a spongy-feeling brake pedal or take your car to an auto service.

Radiator Fluid

The radiator cools down all the heat that your engine produces. Also known as antifreeze or coolant, radiator fluid extracts the engine’s heat and disperses it from the radiator. If your radiator fluid level is low, you’ll face an overheating engine. So make sure to check your car’s coolant level.

Besides these, ensure that you check the other essential fluids such as the transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield fluid. Long drives are risky if you don’t have all these fluids in your car checked and leveled.


As you know, tires are the most important for fuel efficiency, comfort, and safety. You cannot ignore them before leaving for a road trip. Check the four tires and the spare too at a tire shop to ensure they have good pressure. Consider replacing your car’s tires with Pasadena tires if they look worn out. Worn-out tires will do you no good when you travel to a place where you will get a lot of snow or rain.

General Maintenance:

There are several components in a car that needs regular inspection to stay in working condition. Ensure that you check these parts before heading out:

Air filters

Cars have air filters to block debris, dust, and bugs or insects from getting inside the car. Eventually, they can become congested after reaching their capacity and affect the engine’s performance, the air quality inside the car, and fuel economy. Replace your air filters at least once a year or depending on how it looks. They are relatively easy to change and inexpensive too.


Avoid getting pulled over when you are on your joy ride because of a burnt-out taillight, headlight, or indicators. Turn on the car, switch on all the lights and check if there are any burnt-out bulbs. It can be dangerous on the road if you don’t have lights working, especially at night and on days of unclear weather.


If you plan to stay in your car for a long time, see that the interior is pleasant. Nothing is worse than a smelly car while taking a road trip. Like floor mats, seats, dashboard controls, and storage places, the things you frequently use should be clean before heading out. Organize your essentials in the car to create a mess while looking for something you need.

Get Your Car Serviced

Road trips are exciting for everyone, and it might make you forget to check every essential component of your car. So we advise you to take your car to an auto repair to have it inspected thoroughly. If you are in Pasadena, you can check out Crown City Tire Auto Care to ensure that your car is in tip-top condition before heading out to have the best time. After all, Covid-19 has put a halt on everything for too long, and we all deserve a break!


Since it might not still be a great time to go out in public places for recreation, road-trips are the perfect options for having some fun outside your home. But to ensure that there is no disaster even before the fun occurs, it is imperative to check your car’s condition and prepare it as well as you would prepare yourself.

You can check out Pasadena auto services like Crown City Tire Auto Care for having your car checked and serviced if you don’t have the time or don’t want to take the hassle of doing it yourself. It is a company that will provide excellent care services, which is something you need before going on a road trip.

Crown City Tire Auto Care will give you a full car service, from checking engines and batteries to fixing your tires, AC, and anything wrong with the car. Lastly, as you head on for your road trip, remember to stay hygienic, alert, and most importantly, have fun.