How To Prepare Your Car For a Long Road Trip This Summer

Road trips this summer are going to be a craze because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As concerts, festivals, sports events, and large gatherings come to a halt, roads are already filled with cars and people trying to escape the chaos. Sooner than you think, you too might be hitting the roads this summer!

Although big events are canceled, there are still other things to make summer fun, like trips to the lakes, beaches, or the woods. However, it won’t work if the state of your car is not reliable. Having car trouble on the driveway or in the neighborhood is bad enough; you can’t afford to go through those inconveniences when on a road trip. Vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing, but a lot of how pleasurable it is depends on how you prepare for the journey.
Car servicing is essential year-round, but crucial, especially before going on a long trip. So check out these maintenance duties before heading out.


While going on a road trip in the summer, it’s essential to know that your car needs the oil of higher viscosity in higher temperatures. Especially if you will be driving an older vehicle, you might want to use heavier oil to make up for the engine wear. Also, make sure you have checked the radiator, brake, transmission, power steering, and windshield fluids to avoid hazards.


To ensure that you check all your tires, including the spare, you can go to a tire shop to check for the right pressure and if they’re not under or over-inflated. If your tires are looking worn out, you should consider replacing them before leaving for your trip. Also, make sure that you have all the tools in your car required to change your tire.


Many people tend to worry about their car battery dying because of cold temperatures, but they are unaware that batteries are more susceptible to die due to the summer heat. Get your car battery tested if it is more than three years old. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a dead battery on the highway under the summer sun. And if you are in Pasadena, you can go to the Crown City Tire Auto Care repair shop for a quick check.

Air Filters

Cars have air filters for the prevention of debris, dust, and other unwanted objects entering the interior and engine. And these filters eventually become clogged, which can impact the engine performance and the air quality inside.
Driving around for a long time with unclean filters will prevent fresh air from reaching your car engine and the interior. This will have a lasting adverse effect on the well-being of the engine, fuel usage, and sinuses. So it’s ideal to change the air filters at least once a year. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a professional to replace the engine air filters yourself, and it’s not expensive too.

Air Conditioner

Checking your AC before leaving for a road trip in the summer is mandatory. You should see that the refrigerant level is maintained to make sure that the AC is working well. A car service center will check the filter, drive belts, see if there are any leaks, and other components to ensure that your AC is in good condition. This is an essential criterion as you wouldn’t want to drive a car for hours in the summer with a bad air conditioning system.
If you don’t want to be pulled over because of a broken headlight, brake light, blinker, or taillight, see that they are all working correctly. It is also life-saving in case of a possible weather change or if you will be traveling at night.

Professional Services

The excitement of going on a road trip might cause you to forget to check some of the car components. So it’s best to have your car thoroughly inspected by auto mechanics. You can check out Crown City Tire Auto Care for auto repair Pasadena, a reliable service center for servicing your vehicle. It’s essential to see that your drive belt, steering alignment, brake, clutch, and all the other components are in good condition.

Clean The Car

Since you’re going to be inside the car for a long time, it’s vital that you clean it before leaving. Change the air freshener if needed, vacuum the interior, wash the floor mats, wipe the dash, and wash the exterior to make sure the mirrors and windows are clear. Nothing is worse than sitting in a dirty, smelly car!

Keep a Map Handy

Technology has made man too reliant on it, and therefore we often forget the essential physical things we need. If you don’t want to get lost in the middle of somewhere without phone reception, keep an old-fashioned paper map handy to save your day. Also, it’s always wise to review the route before heading out to know if any construction projects are going on or if there is a road closure that particular day.
Besides keeping your vehicle road trip-ready, you might also want to consider some safety measures for you and your family or friends while leaving home. The current pandemic has undoubtedly affected many areas of our lives; however, you can still have a good time outside if you know how to be safe.
You must carry and use masks, gloves, sanitizer, and wipes, as you might get in contact with high-touch places once you come out of the car. Picking a site that is not too crowded is also a smart move during times like this when you cannot risk being too close to a stranger.


Going on a long road trip is one of the best things you can plan for this summer. But to be sure that this trip doesn’t turn into a disaster, you have to see that your car is in excellent condition. A common mistake people make while planning for a trip is that they seldom check the car properly.
If you don’t have the time to prep that vehicle yourself, you can always go to a service center like the Crown City Tire Auto Care in Pasadena. It is a reliable company and offers great car services to its customers. From engine repair to taking care of alignment, AC, and batteries, you can get a full car service from Crown City Tire Auto Care.
Lastly, remember that the whole point of going on a road trip is to have fun while following the hygienic measures. So roll the windows down and enjoy the breath of fresh air outside as you take on your next road trip!