Everything You Need To Know About Engine Oil Leaks And What Causes Them

Have you ever pulled out of your parking spot only to notice a liquid spot underneath where your vehicle was sitting? When this happens, it’s usually a sign of an oil leak. 

For your car to run smoothly, it relies on certain fluids. The engine oil is one of them, and when it starts to leak, you may need to seek help from an auto repair shop. 

Why Is It Crucial To Maintain Your Engine Oil Levels?

The engine is essentially the heart of your vehicle. If it’s not in good shape, your car won’t be able to operate. If you want to keep your car in motion without making frequent trips to the auto repair shop, you need to keep the engine in good condition.

Inside your car’s engine are many different components that are all moving at separate times. This creates a lot of friction, so engine oil is very important!

The engine oil helps to keep everything lubricated so friction doesn’t wear out the components. Keeping on top of your engine oil levels will help increase the lifespan of your engine’s parts. 

To make sure that your engine is always getting good quality oil, you should make sure to change it regularly. If you haven’t had your oil changed in a while, it’s time to visit an auto repair shop. 

On average, drivers are advised to change his or her engine oil every 5 months. If you drive more or less frequently, however, you can gauge when the engine needs to be upgraded based on the distance you drive.

What Causes Engine Leaks?

Engine oil leaks don’t just pop up out of nowhere. If you have an oil leak, it could be due to one of the following factors:

  • Worn out oil pan or gasket

The oil is held in a pan, and if that pan has been damaged then oil could begin to leak.

  • Engine components aren’t installed properly

If the oil filter is sitting too loose or the pan and gasket are too tight, then oil could start to spill.

  • Valves seals/rings are faulty

If there has been any damage to the valve seals or ring, or if they were defective, it could result in oil leaking. 

Where To Find An Auto Repair Shop Near Me?

The moment you notice that engine oil is starting to leak, schedule an appointment with a trustworthy local auto repair company. 

If left unattended, an oil leak could cause a lot of damage to the engine’s components. Some people have even had to replace their entire engine when this problem went unsolved.

Don’t let this happen to you. If you notice any sign of engine oil leaking (or any other fluids), head on over to Crown City Tire Auto Care to request an appointment with their certified specialists. 

After all, regular inspections are one of the best ways to avoid the unwanted problems that come with oil leaks!