Do You Need A Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment ensures your car’s suspension system is even. Periodically getting a wheel alignment on your vehicle also helps your tires sustain balanced wear and tear. An alignment is a critical part of maintaining your car and its tires.

If you’re wondering when you should get a wheel alignment, this article will outline this for you. Typical milestones include getting a new set of tires or when you notice your vehicle is pulling to one side. You need a tire shop or auto repair mechanic for a proper alignment. Let’s examine when you should get a wheel alignment and why.

You Replaced Your Car’s Suspension

Say you had to replace parts of your car’s suspension system at a tire shop in Pasadena. When you do this, you also need an alignment. An auto repair shop in Pasadena, such as Crown City Tire Auto Care, will make sure the parts are aligned evenly and your wheels point in the right direction.

Your Car Is Pulling To One Side

Notice your car is pulling to one side of the road while driving? Having to put more effort and control into your steering is an indication your alignment is off-centre. Tire shops and auto mechanics use a computerized system to adjust your car cambers, toes, and casters.

The computer knows how these parts should be aligned per your car manufacturer’s recommended settings. Although some mechanics might make some manual adjustments, this is less common. You can purchase a one-time or lifetime wheel alignment at most shops.

If your vehicle is not steering or driving straight, it can cause uneven wear on your tires. This means you might have one tire wear out or blow out sooner than the others.

You’ve Run Over A Lot Of Potholes And Uneven Asphalt

Damaged roads and asphalt that’s under construction can wreak havoc on your car’s suspension. Driving over roads with potholes and uneven asphalt may call for a wheel alignment afterwards. You might even damage your suspension.

Search online for “a tire shop near me” after these incidents. A mechanic will inspect your vehicle and let you know when you should get a wheel alignment. The shop will also advise if any of your suspension parts need replacing.

You Get A New Set Of Tires

You don’t want to drop $800 to $1,000 on a new set of tires and have them wear out prematurely. That’s why most tire shops will advise that you get a wheel alignment at the same time. An alignment makes sure your new tires will be in a straight and even position.

If your tires show uneven wear on the tread, you should also get an alignment. When you get an oil change, you should also have your tires inspected for this.

Final Thoughts

Don’t neglect your car’s tires or its suspension. Be sure to have a tire shop check your vehicle for the signs it’s time to get a wheel alignment. Repair centres like Crown City Tire Auto Care in Pasadena will set you straight! Contact us to help get your wheels aligned at (626) 793-4181.