Auto Care Industry Resilient Despite Pandemic

In the year 2020, natural disasters and the pandemic burdened humankind. The danger continues to grow each day. All states and countries around the world remain closed with little population movement. The government allotted a certain amount of time for people to run errands and buy their needs. The phrase “total lockdown” has become synonymous to the year 2020.

It has become harder for people to use certain services. The pandemic has put a full stop to all human activities. There are some businesses that the government feel is essential to stay open. With careful study and cautious guidelines, they ordered shops like auto service to stay open.
There has been a lot of talk on what an “essential” vs. “non-essential” business should include in our society. Most parts of the country closed down, including retail stores and gyms, etc. Other companies, like gas stations and pharmacies, stayed open.
In light of the current pandemic, almost all businesses across the country closed down, but Crown City Tire Auto Care continued to remain open and cater to their client’s needs.
On 19th March, the Department of Homeland Security furnished a memo to all local and state governments. It called for the inclusion of the repair industry and auto service. The order stems from the fact that it requires the closing of services that are not essential.
The memo stressed the importance of the continued running of the major businesses. Further, it stated that some specific group of companies has to continue providing their services. It reasoned that such services are essential for the public’s well-being and health. It also goes on to provide safety for the community at the same time.
The memo continues to hint that the accompanying list was to help sustain local and state industry partners. It felt the need to recognize such business sectors required to maintain the country’s services. It also recognized the functions of the workers.
So our business fits the bill as it is an auto mechanic center providing auto services.
Our auto care center is one of the best Pasadena auto services that help to keep vehicles running. It is crucial to have a smooth running of cars to get to places and attend to emergencies in these trying times.
Such a crisis can be to get food or go to the pharmacy for medical needs. We will provide auto services like transmission repairs and regular maintenance. We also offer services for engine repairs and free towing. Our entire auto mechanic team takes the necessary precautions when working.
As a responsible business, we have to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our clients and employees. It is crucial to ensure that our top priority is executing the best auto mechanic services cautiously during these trying times. It is also imperative to note that we continue to keep track of the news regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We must follow the guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Our Pasadena auto repair center offers free car drop off/pick up to contain the spread of COVID-19. Such services have been helpful for our clients to stay safe and maintain distance.
We will convey the work done by our auto mechanic team to our clients through the communication methods they prefer. Thus, clients can get updates on their vehicle repair progress through electronic links like phone calls or text messages.
Our store follows precautionary rules to ensure the safe servicing of the vehicles. The safety measures include a full cleanse wipe down of the car. Our auto mechanic team also follows the same safety rules before and after repairing the vehicles.
We continue to watch out for updates on the current pandemic. Because of COVID-19, we try to make necessary adjustments for our clients. In case of any queries, you can directly call our local auto care center. Our client care services are fast in responding to the calls and solving the questions of their clients.
When it comes to fixing tires, there is no other like the Crown City Tire Auto Care. Our auto store provides quality services and reasonable prices for our work. In recent years, we have garnered many well-respected client bases. The various happy client reviews and feedback is proof that the Crown City Tire Auto Care is an authentic auto store.
We practice clarity and honesty when servicing our clients. We believe that a kind and welcoming attitude draws in many people. Such clients are happy with their experience when visiting our store.
More than cars, our team at Crown City Tire Auto Care has a passion for people. Such loyalty is essential in helping us understand our client’s needs and car requirements. It also goes on to building a good relationship.
We also provide a very convenient shuttle service to our clients. Once clients drop into our store with their vehicle, one of our team members will drive them back home or to work.
The next step is to tend to the client’s vehicle. After making the necessary repairs, we will pick up our client back to our store, and they can safely drive their car home.
The services at Crown City Tire Auto Care attend to all the automotive repairs of our clients. People are mostly on edge when it comes to repairing their vehicles and their cost on their budget. But we are well aware of such problems and tend to all such maintenance at affordable prices.
We employ some of the best professionals we know so that our clients can trust us. Our experts perform their work with care. Such individuals are skilled in their line of work and have been providing satisfactory service for years. Their conviction and passion for delivering the best make our clients come back whenever they need any vehicular repairs.
If you’re ever looking for an auto care center in Pasadena, we’re here for you. You can reach us at (626) 793-4181, and we’ll take care of you and your vehicle.