4 Critical Signs That Your Car Needs Service

As people exhibit signs of weakness and exhaustion, your vehicle can also let you know about its conditions. Performing your vehicle’s routine maintenance can save you a lot of time and money and ensure a safe driving experience.

So how do you know your car needs a service? What are the warning signs? If you have these questions in mind, you have landed on the right page, as we at Crown City Tire Auto Care will provide professional assistance and auto service to help you solve these problems.
Your car’s health is our top-most priority, and we will get them inspected and repaired by the time you hit the road again. So without further ado, let us look at 4 of the most common critical signs that your vehicle may exhibit:

1. Look For The Check Engine Light

With technological advancements in the auto industry, many cars come with a helpful check engine light or indicator. A check engine light is associated with a number of your vehicle’s inner systems, and so keeping a close eye on this indicator is a must. These lights turn on when your car is facing some issue or have a problem.
If you find this light on, it would be best to visit an auto shop and get it inspected by car service professionals or auto mechanics. Most of these lights come with a standard flashing pattern.
If you find your check engine indicator starts blinking, it indicates a severe issue with your car, and your priority has to be getting your vehicle inspected. If the light stays on, you still need to get your vehicle to a car service and check your engine.

2. Bad vibrations

Feeling vibrations while driving any car is a bad sign, and getting it inspected by car service professionals has to be your priority. Multiple issues can lead to this problem, such as worn brake pads, flat tires, lack of oil, or a failing engine joint, resulting in colliding and scraping of two or more engine components.
Vibrations can cause other problems as well, and lead to severe problems with your vehicle. Additionally, a vibrating car may not be a delightful experience while driving, especially on the steering column. If you are facing these issues, an engine inspection is the best thing to do.
Other problems related to vibrations include a knocking sound that calls for immediate professional attention. One of the common reasons for this knocking sound is the lack of oil in your engine, which may lead to internal component damage leading to a complete engine breakdown.
It would be best to visit an auto shop and get it inspected by an auto mechanic. You can also try adding oil to the engine. However, we insist on getting it checked by professionals.

3. Bad Smell

A smelling car can indicate various things. It could be the smell of your engine oil, or in worst possible cases, a scent that means your vehicle needs service. While many odors indicate minor problems, some may indicate severe issues and may require immediate professional assistance.
There are a lot of different odors that come out of your vehicle. For instance, the smell resembling rotten eggs indicates a catalytic converter issue, which may need a replacement or repair. If your car produces a burning smell, it means an electrical problem that might be fatal for your vehicle’s health and needs proper professional assistance and car service.
If you are witnessing other smells and can’t determine its cause, a visit to Crown City Tire Auto Care will undoubtedly keep you away from harm’s way and your vehicle healthy and safe to drive.

4. Smoke

Witnessing smoke from your vehicle is not a good sign in any condition. You will have to address this issue as soon as possible. There are several reasons responsible for your vehicle to emit smoke. This is also one of the 4 critical signs that your car needs a service.
One possible reason could be because of engine overheating, which mostly emits smoke out of your hood. Many modern vehicles have temperature needle or indicators that indicate engine overheating and warn you that there are issues with your car.
If you don’t address these issues immediately, the problem may affect your entire engine. Thus, you might have to replace it, which may incur additional time and money.
The color of the smoke can also help you determine the problem. For instance, black smoke indicates a gasoline issue, whereas white smoke can be a product of lousy coolant in your car. At the same time, a blue-tinted smoke indicates an oil leak, which is undoubtedly a significant issue to address.
Our auto mechanics at Crown City Tire Auto Care are expert car service professionals and will get rid of all your issues with dedication and expertise.


Whether you have issues with vibrations or your vehicle smells weird, regular maintenance and car service are necessary to keep your car healthy and safe for driving. You can cure some of these issues with simple self-based solutions. But you will require expert care and service for others.
Critical signs help you understand your vehicle’s health better and keep you alert regarding unwanted eventualities that may cause severe concerns and complications.

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