How To Safely Take Road Trips During COVID-19

Vacations are known to be “happiness anchors” for people of all age groups. As global tourism increased rapidly over the past six decades, traveling as a hobby or for a vacation has become easier. But with restrictions made in an attempt to curb the current COVID-19 pandemic, every regular outdoor activity has come to a halt.

The government has passed orders to avoid non-essential traveling, and several countries have stopped foreign and even domestic travels altogether. With lockdown observed all over the world, it feels like a dream to go on a vacation now.
Nevertheless, many people growing lethargic from weeks of lockdown and social distancing are finding ways to take a break and go on a road trip. An average of 1 in 3 Americans is making plans to take a road trip in the coming months, according to surveys.
As some states re-open, if you are thinking of traveling, there are measures you should take to make your trip safer and more life-sustaining. Here are some tips for you as you hit the road in this COVID-19 era.
Plan For a Shorter Trip
Think about the risks that come with traveling too far – it means more stops along the way, hence more exposure to the outside environment. Also, if something goes wrong on the road, you will be closer to your home.
Be Prepared For Bathroom Breaks
If you can’t hold your nature call, the only option is using a public toilet, which is something to dread at this kind of time. While we hope that they are cleaned often, you should be prepared for the worst by carrying your own toilet paper and soap. It would be wise to bring a potty training chair if you have kids.
Research Your Route More Than You Usually Do
This factor is crucial as you might not enjoy trespassing a zone or state with specific travel restrictions. Plan your trip diligently, checking whether rest stops are available along the way and also the COVID-19 rates in those areas.
Pick a Less-Crowded Destination
As state parks and outdoor recreational sites start to open, you might find it an ideal place to go to. While picking your destination, see that it is less likely to be swarmed with other people. To maintain social distancing and safety, choose nature destinations that are lesser-known.
Be Careful of High-Touch Places While Coming Out of Your Car
Using gloves is a smart move while getting your hands on things in public areas, like the gas station or a washroom door, as these areas can be contaminated. Keep a sanitizer handy too.
Apart from these factors, getting your vehicle ready and safe for the trip is an important one as you cannot go without it! I am sure you are already aware, but here are some of the points to keep in mind before you head out.
Disinfect Your Vehicle
The door handles, gear shift, steering wheel, seat adjusters, seatbelts, and every other surface that you are continually touching might have the potential to transfer coronavirus. So use wipes to disinfect the surfaces when you enter your car.
Check The Fluids
Before going anywhere, it is important to check the fluid levels in your car first. If your oil, brake fluid, or coolant levels are low, it will be hazardous.
Ensure The Lights Are Working
If you are expecting to travel at night or there is a possible chance of bad weather, make sure all of the lights in your car are working perfectly. In case of needing a repair, check out Crown City Tire Auto Care in Pasadena.
Check The Wipers
Wipers are for clearing water or mist away from the windscreen. Before setting out, if you notice that they are leaving marks of water that cause disturbances to your view, have them cleaned or replaced.
Check Your Wheels
If you are driving a vehicle with old tires, getting new ones would be safer before going on a road trip as they need to be in good shape. You also have to check if the tire pressure is neither over-inflated nor underinflated.
Clutch and Brake
Test your car to know if the brake and clutch are functioning normally. You wouldn’t want to find out mid-way that either one isn’t working! When you are on a trip during a pandemic, like now, you cannot rely on the possibility of an open repair shop to save your day if something goes wrong with the car.
Check The Drive Belts and Steering
Examine your drive belt; if it is damaged, the car may come to a complete engine shutdown. Also, check your steering and see if there is an alignment problem with the wheels.
Have a Spare Wheel
This may seem the simplest, but you wouldn’t want to be stuck miles away from home because of a flat tire. Check your spare tire and remind yourself where the jack and spanner are kept so that you will tackle the problem with a flat tire easily.
As everyday drivers do not notice some car issues, we need qualified technicians to check our vehicles thoroughly. Before you head out on your road trip, if you want to have your car inspected by a reliable service center, consider Crown City Tire Auto Care in Pasadena.
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Last but not least, roll down your windows, get a good track on, and go somewhere you have never been to! The COVID-19 pandemic has confined millions of us over the past few months. A good road trip will be a breath of fresh air for you.