10 Car Maintenance Tips To Prepare For The Winter

The holidays are coming up in just a few short months. Winter brings a period of holiday and festive mood for everyone, but it can also wreak havoc on your car if it doesn’t get proper maintenance and services.

As the weather starts cooling down this Fall, you’ll need to start preparing yourself to stay warm in the cold. Similarly, your car also needs some particular auto service to prepare it for the winter months.

Let us look into the detail of the kind of services your car needs to perform better in winter. Here are ten essential maintenance tips for your vehicle:

1. Oil Change

If you want your car to be in the top-notch condition during winter months, then you need to check your car’s oil level. It would be best to make sure that the oil level is not too low, and the consistency is proper. You can also check the oil filter; if required, you can change it. Always use the oil that the company recommends for your car type so that the internal parts can work in good condition.

2. Check The Heaters

The only thing that will keep you warm during a drive on a chilly winter day is the heaters of your car. Before winter sets in, get your heaters checked and ready so that you are not stuck with a broken heater in the middle of a drive. You may also want to check the defrosting mechanism on your windshield so that your view of the road is always clear, especially during a snowfall.

3. Check The Radiator

Your car’s radiator needs to be full of the antifreeze at the right level; the liquid inside may freeze. It may also cause build-ups or fail in transmissions. You can get in touch with your auto service center so that they check the radiator and antifreeze before winter sets.

4. Check Your Windshield Wipers

Imagine you are driving with very little visibility, and you try to use the windshield wipers, but the liquid inside is frozen. This kind of situation can be risky while driving and may even lead to accidents. To avoid this, check your windshield wipers and make sure that they work correctly. They should also have ample windshield wiper fluid, which has the de-icing capacity and works well in freezing temperatures.

5. Check The Tires

Tires play a crucial role in the performance of your car. It is advisable to get your car tires checked regularly because inappropriate tire pressure can lead to worn-out tires. It is also very risky to drive with tires that have improper tire pressure.

One recommendation is to do regular tire rotation as the front tires have to take the maximum load and wear off quickly. In the case of underinflated tires or problems in wheel alignment, your car will use more fuel while driving. You should also check for nicks and cuts on the sidewall of the tires.

6. Battery Inspection

Whenever you cold-start your car, there are chances of battery damage. While servicing, you can advise your auto-mechanic to check the water level in the battery, whether it needs a refill or not. The rubber hose should be soft to touch; if they become stiff, they may crack due to the cold weather. When you start the engine, it should take around 5 seconds to start, but if it takes more than 15 seconds, you need to check how old your battery is. If the car battery is old, then you can either replace it or send it for repair.

7. Check The Seals

If you live in areas where the temperatures are low during winter, you may have to do something to protect the seals. Sometimes, due to ice formation between the car door and the rubber seal, your door may get jammed. You can apply Vaseline on the seals so that there is no ice build-up, and the material remains soft.

However, this tip is not limited to only winter months; you can use it all year round to keep the seals in good quality.

8. Inspect The Brakes

Brakes play an essential role in keeping you safe and protected. So, these also need to go through regular inspection whenever you take your car for auto service. The entire system that includes caliper, brake fluid, brake discs, and brake pads, needs to be looked at for damages. At times, you apply brakes and see that they don’t work well because they may have air bubbles in the brake fluid line, or the brake pads are not useful. The entire system needs a proper inspection to avoid any mishaps while driving.

9. Check The Coolant

The coolant protects your car engine from getting overheating. You need to make sure that it has a proper mix of water and coolant; it might lead to overheating the engine. You may also check the entire coolant system for any leaks.

10. Emergency Kit

Whether you travel in your car every day or once a week, you need to keep an emergency kit for any unexpected incidents. You can pack basic amenities like a blanket, flashlight, extra batteries, non-perishable food packets, water, tire chain, battery cables, and a first aid kit. Also, make sure your phone is fully charged before you set out on a long journey in the colder months.


Winter months can be harsh on our cars if we do not take the necessary steps before the cooler season. Keep your vehicle in a top-notch condition by doing regular inspections.

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