Useful Tips For Disposing Used Motor Oil

You shouldn’t be throwing motor oil in the trash after changing it. It’s bad for the environment. Motor oil can be reused once it has been properly filtered and cleaned. 

We wouldn’t even recommend that you change the oil yourself. Look for a company that provides auto repair in Pasadena, and chances are they will change the oil for you!

Still, if you are not going to head to your local tire shop in Pasadena for that oil change, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that the oil is disposed of properly:

  • Contain The Motor Oil

If you head to an auto repair store, they will have containers that they use when they change your oil. This is why many people will use auto repair companies near them, just because it makes this part easier. There will already be something that contains the oil.

If you are catching the oil yourself, then place a drip pan underneath the oil flow. You should have a tarp on the floor to ensure that you aren’t ruining the ground. You want as much oil captured as possible.

  • Clean The Oil Filter

Don’t forget that there will be some oil in the filter. When you remove the oil filter, angle it towards your drip pan. The threaded side should be pointed down. This will allow any trapped oil to escape.

Put the old oil filter in a bag after this. You should dispose of that at the same time.

  • Store The Motor Oil

You now need to move your motor oil from the drip pan to a safe container. You will need a funnel for this.

The container that you use should be watertight and clean. You can use any clean polyethylene container here. You can also pick up containers designed for motor oil disposal.

  • Where To Take Your Oil Motor Oil

Most waste collection sites will allow you to take your motor oil there. Depending on where you live, you may even be able to put it in with your recycling at the curbside. Some websites allow you to identify waste disposal sites.

Alternatively, you can look for a tire shop near me. Most auto parts stores will take in old oil and dispose of it properly. 

Remember, under absolutely no circumstances should you be placing that old motor oil in garbage cans or pouring it into the drain.

Remember, if you are going to store the motor oil before disposal, keep it out of the way of heat. Store in a cooled, dry environment. You don’t want it to get wet, or even catch on fire. 

Disposing Your Used Motor Oil In Pasadena?

Crown City Tire Auto Care, a tire and auto care shop in Pasadena, will be able to take that used oil off of your hands! You can be sure that with our team’s care, we can change the oil for you and properly dispose of it. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions at (626) 793-4181