Keeping your vehicle stable and safe on the road depends on your suspension and steering working as it was designed. 

Your suspension and steering components keeps your vehicle tracking straight and able to handle corners, bumps, and wherever else California roads can throw at it.  Having your suspension in good condition not only ensures your safety and performance, but also eliminates costly premature wear and tear to the entire vehicle.

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The Importance of Suspension Services

Our certified technicians have countless hours in repairing and maintaining suspension components.  We sourced the best OE formulated parts that we can stand behind with our 3 year / 36-month warranty.  Our technicians follow manufacture guidelines with proper torque specifications and procedures to ensure you have a worry-free repair.

We stand behind our 3 year / 36-month warranty.

Common Steering and Suspension Services

  •       Control Arms
  •       Ball Joints
  •       Rack and Pinon Steering
  •       Shocks and Struts
  •       Drag Links
  •       Pitman and Idler Arms
  •       Sway Bar and End Links
  •       Tie Rod Ends
  •       Leveling and Ride Height Kits
  •       Power Steering Pump and Hoses
  •       Electric Steering Calibration
  •       Vehicle Alignment

If you feel your vehicle may need suspension service, our staff will listen to what you are hearing or feeling.  We will test drive the vehicle on roadways and highways so we can gain a good understanding of the drivability.  Lastly we will inspect the underside of your vehicle with one of  technicians.  We are not here to sell parts; we are here to fix your problem.

Symptoms can range from a variety of things.  Normally, if you need suspension or steering repairs, you may experience:

  •       Shaking or vibration in the steering wheel
  •       Premature and abnormal tire wear
  •       Clunking or loud sounds when going over bumps and sudden stops
  •       Vehicle sway and instability at highway speeds
  •       Wheel alignment issues

Since the suspension on a vehicle has many components and parts, our technicians will need to inspect the vehicle to determine the repairs needed.  We always offer fair and competitive pricing on all our suspension repairs and will never start a repair without your approval.

What makes Crown City Tire and Auto Care Different?

We set out to make Crown City Tire different from any other auto repair and tire center.  We know many people look at auto repair with anxiety and the unknown.  That’s why we set out to design ourselves around a culture of: transparency, ease, and peace of mind.

At the heart, we are a family company with family values.  We treat our customers as they are part of our own family.  We want to make you feel comfortable, and leave us knowing that you found “your shop”.  Our promise is to provide the greatest value with high quality repairs, competitive pricing, and unmatched service and support.  With nearly 100 years of servicing the community, we continue to develop ourselves to serve the next generations of families and their vehicles.

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