Engine Repair & Diagnostics

Engine Repair & Diagnostics

A vehicle is one of the largest investments in our lives. That’s why we pride ourselves in offering expert service in maintaining your engine’s performance and reliability for years to come.

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The importance of Engine Repair

By keeping routine engine maintenance, you will avoid any surprising breakdowns in the future.  We want to keep you on the road, not on a tow truck.  However, if you see that “check engine light” on or feel that your engine isn’t running as smooth as it should, our technicians will diagnose your engine’s issues and find the correct solution.

Common Engine Repair Services:

  •       Spark plug replacement
  •       Air and Fuel delivery repairs
  •       “Tune up” service
  •       Timing Belt replacement
  •       Misfire and loss of performance

Diagnostics “No fix, no charge!”

Sometimes an engine can have an issue that isn’t easily identifiable.  We never want to throw parts and unnecessary labor at a problem, but rather take the proper time to diagnose the true issue.  Our technicians use the latest scanners and testing equipment to perform diagnostic tests to find the proper repair solution.  If we can’t figure out the solution, you will never be charged for diagnostic testing; that’s our promise.  It’s that simple!

Many symptoms can relate to an engine problem.  Tell us what you are feeling, hearing or even smelling, and we will help you to find the solution. 

Here are the most common symptoms we experience:

  •       Poor gas mileage
  •       Poor engine performance
  •       Engine stalling, stuttering or hesitating
  •       No start or long crank time

We never recommend driving for a long period with a check engine light on, as a small issue can turn into an expensive one if not corrected in a timely fashion.   Feel free to arrange an appointment with us, our technicians will help to diagnose the issue and find the right solution for you.

Your vehicle has dozens of computers that allow it to operate efficiently.  When one of these computers detects an issue with the vehicle it may set a code and a “check engine” light.  A code helps to direct the problem the computer is seeing, but it’s common that code can relate to another issue somewhere in the vehicle.  Our technicians will be able to diagnose the issue and provide a real solution through proper testing with our diagnostic equipment.

What makes Crown City Tire and Auto Care Different?

We set out to make Crown City Tire different from any other auto repair and tire center.  We know many people look at auto repair with anxiety and the unknown.  That’s why we set out to design ourselves around a culture of: transparency, ease, and peace of mind.

At the heart, we are a family company with family values.  We treat our customers as they are part of our own family.  We want to make you feel comfortable, and leave us knowing that you found “your shop”.  Our promise is to provide the greatest value with high quality repairs, competitive pricing, and unmatched service and support.  With nearly 100 years of servicing the community, we continue to develop ourselves to serve the next generations of families and their vehicles.

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