How Does Your Car Cooling and Heating Work?

Car Cooling and Heating Work

Are you having trouble understanding cooling and heating problems in your car? You don’t need to worry because you’re on the right page. We’ll explain the many reasons why your A/C unit or heater doesn’t work – and what you can do about it. 

Common Car Cooling Problems:

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  • Low Refrigerant Levels

Is your car blowing warm air – even if the A/C is all the way up? Is it making weird noises? Then it means that your car is suffering from low refrigerant levels. 

For this, you are going to need a coolant top-up. Our auto repair in Pasadena may recommend an R-134a top-up, depending on the vehicular model.

  • Clogged/Leaking Condenser

A problematic condenser may lead to leaks that affect the A/C’s function. Clogging, on the other hand, can severely restrict the flow of coolant into the air conditioning system. 

No matter what the cause may be, any of these issues could affect the cooling process in your car.

  • Faulty Compressor

The compressor powers your A/C unit. If it’s defective, it won’t be able to do its purpose of pumping refrigerant into the condenser. This place, after all, is where the coolant turns to gas. 

If the compressor has a worn-out belt – or one that easily slips out, it won’t be able to power your A/C as well. Likewise, your compressor can leak out refrigerant – which brings you back to the problem of low refrigerant levels. 

Common Car Heating Problems:

Does the temperature still feel nippy even if the thermostat is at maximum heat? You can refer any of these problems to our auto repair shop in Pasadena: 

  • Low Coolant Levels

Your vehicle keeps the interior warm by drawing heat from the coolant engine. The process starts with drawing the coolant from the engine block, which passes through the heater core. Then the generated heat is transferred into the cabin.

Essentially, if the coolant in your car is low, it will make the cabin colder because the engine can’t evacuate the heat as effectively. 

  • Air in Coolant System

Apart from having low coolant levels, air trapped in the system can impair the car’s warming efficiency. That’s because water – compared to air – siphons more energy from the engine block. Therefore, the air impairs the coolant system’s ability to generate warm air for the cabin. 

  • Erratic Heater Core

The heater core is a radiator that allows the coolant to circulate. At the same time, it also produces heat for the cabin. 

Suffice to say, problems in the area – such as an inefficient cooler or a clogged tubing – can lead to warming problems. 

  • Malfunctioning Thermostat

If the thermostat doesn’t work, the heater may not work accurately. That’s why understanding your car’s cooling and heating problems are just one part of the solution. 

It’s best to seek help from an actual auto repair, such as Crown City Tire Auto Care located in Pasadena. Our family-owned and community-based auto repair shop can help you with all your A/C or heater problems – and more!

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