Efficient And Affordable Auto Care And Maintenance Service At Pasadena, California


Are you having difficulty taking your vehicle for maintenance and repairs due to the pandemic restrictions? Would you like a convenient and affordable solution regarding your car maintenance? Are you ready to hand over your vehicle to experienced, qualified, and efficient professionals for repair and service?

If you are nodding in the affirmative, you are in the right place. You are also in the right place if you reside in and around Pasadena in California.

Look no further because all your car’s issues will be solved in one place. A top Vehicle Maintenance/Tire Shop in Pasadena is ready to offer excellent and affordable services.

Convenient, Affordable, and Safe Solutions

With the imposed restrictions in many places, driving your vehicle for service/repair is not simple these days. It is risky to go out, so car owners hesitate to take their cars to the auto repair shops. The owners and the team at this particular Auto Repair Pasadena shop know this. Hence, they have new plans which are convenient, safe, and affordable.

Crown City Tire Auto Care maintains and follows all the essential pandemic rules strictly. The team members sanitize the whole place, wear proper gear, and keep a social distance. They also abide by all other regulations as required. The team aims to provide the best services and see that clients are comfortable and safe. So, you can visit our repair shop without any apprehension. You can wait comfortably at the shop while our experts check and service your vehicle. If you want to go home or work, we will have someone drive you to and from.

Clients’ safety is of utmost importance during these challenging times. So, we offer contactless pick-up services and contactless payment methods. Hence, it is even more convenient for clients. Now, you can have your cars checked, serviced, repaired, and transformed into tip-top condition without worrying.

Some of the services offered at our auto repair shop in Pasadena is as follows:

  • Air Conditioning: It is crucial to have a tip-top air conditioning system in your vehicle. Else, you might have problems during extreme weather conditions. The professionals will take a look and take care of the issue if there is any.
  • Alignment (wheels): The wheels in your car should be aligned correctly for safety and longevity. Hence, it is vital to have them checked from time to time and correct them if needed.
  • Batteries: Every part of the car is vital, including batteries. They have to be in perfect condition, or various issues will arise. The team has the experience, knowledge, and advanced equipment to find out the faults and solve the problem.
  • Brakes: Faulty brakes can cause accidents. Thus, your brakes should be in excellent condition at all times. If you notice any problem with your vehicle’s brakes, mention the fact to the experts. They will examine and do the needful.
  • Diagnosing and Repairing the Engine System: This process involves experts using advanced technology to locate car engine issues. The professionals then fix any problem the vehicle might have.
  • Oil Replacement: Oil is an essential part of a vehicle because it smoothens and moisturizes the engine. It also prevents the engine from heating up excessively. Hence, it is vital to replace the oil regularly. The experts at the repair shop also check the condition and offer and change the oil as required.
  • Suspension: Everybody likes to enjoy a smooth ride and control the car with ease. For that to happen, the car suspension system has to be in perfect order. The system also increases the resistance between the tires and roads for proper operation and steering balance. The auto maintenance shop in Pasadena has the right equipment to provide the best solutions.
  • Tire Change and Repairs: All vehicles should have tires in tip-top condition for safety and a smooth ride. Hence, vehicle owners should make it a point to have the tires checked regularly. They must repair or replace the tires whenever necessary. Our auto repair shop in Pasadena has the right equipment to provide tire services. The professionals here will examine the tires and offer suitable solutions. If we notice small issues, we will repair the tires. If the repairs don’t work in the best way, then we will change the tires. 
  • Routine Maintenance: For a car to run smoothly, it is vital to do a regular check-up. Crown City Tire Auto Care offers this service. So, you can book a spot by contacting our auto repair shop any working day. The experts will conduct a thorough test and find out any issue there might be. We will then repair a problem or replace a component if necessary. Our experts will make sure that everything is in perfect condition when the car leaves the premises.
  • Other Services: Some additional services include Repair of the Electrical System, TPMS Restoration, Balance, and Mount. Our company also offers services related to Hoses and Belts, Fixing of Driveline, Mending/ Adjustment of Steering and Suspension, etc.

Why You Don’t Have To Search For Any Other Auto Repair/Maintenance Shop Anymore

We have been providing auto repair and maintenance service at Crown City Tire Auto Care since 1923. The company has always focused on delivering excellent, convenient, and affordable solutions to its clients. All the clients are important, and the whole team considers the clients like family. Besides, the team is passionate and caring about cars, services, and clients. So, we make it a point to deliver exceptional results. We also ensure that customers are comfortable throughout the process.

The team at Crown City Tire Auto Care is not just doing business and making money. It is about making sure that clients have the best experience. It is also about ensuring that the cars are in excellent condition when they leave the shop. Hence, the entire team makes it a priority to give the best and convenient solutions. At the same time, we charge reasonable rates. Thus clients are happy and avail the services again whenever they need the same.


Being in the business for 97 years is a testimony that the company is the best in the area. It is indeed the one to choose when anyone needs auto-related services. Not only will your car receive the best care, but you will not have to pay huge bills too. Our company offers services in Pasadena, South Pasadena, La Canada, and surrounding locations. Hence, if you reside in the area, the solution is one call away at (626) 793-4181.