Child Car Safety – How To Get It Done Right

You can never be too safe when it comes to cars, especially when you figure kids into the equation. The invention of the modern vehicle has undeniably made our lives a whole lot easier. However, without following adequate safety measures, car rides can be extremely dangerous and risky.

Child car safety is of such prime importance that each state in the US has its very own laws to ensure your kids are properly protected. The precautions vary depending on either your child’s age or height, and weight.

Nevertheless, law or no law, you’d want to make sure that your kids are safe and out of harm’s way. In this article, were going to talk about child car safety basics and how you can make your car child safeNew Paragraph

The gist of child car safety laws in the US

According to most child car safety laws across states in the US, infants are required to be buckled up in a rear-facing convertible infant seat. Kids between ages 1 to 6 are required to be restrained in a booster seat.

While kids from ages 6-15 are required to wear seatbelts. The age requirements may be flexible depending on the height and weight of your child.

How to get your car child safe?

There are several measures you can take to ensure your car is child safe. You could make sure that your car is in good shape and not at risk of any malfunctioning to start with.

For instance, you could get your tires, breaks, and gas checked. These are basic maintenance requirements you cannot avoid. Then you can go on and think about making some alterations and modifications to suit your child’s safety needs.

Home mechanics is a perfectly okay solution if you have enough expertise regarding the matter. However, there’s no better alternative than seeking professional advice on car safety.

You can visit an auto repair shop or tire shop to help you ascertain your car’s best safety features as per vehicle safety standards. Make sure that the technicians are certified before you install any features.

Basic child car safety features

Cars are of different types and models, and installing child safety features is much easier with professionals’ assistance.

The first thing you need to make sure of is whether each of your car seats has properly functioning seatbelts. Check if the straps and buckles work well and are not loose or do not get jammed. Seatbelts are mandatory for children between ages 6-15 as well as adults. Set a good example for your child by regularly strapping in your seatbelt.

The next thing you need to be concerned about is whether your car has a child lock system for your car doors. Check if it’s working right so that you can activate it easily when you have a child in the car. Also, check if your window power switches can be made inactive. This will prevent your child from any window-related accidents.

Besides having your seatbelts, car door locks, and window switches checked, it is strongly advised that you choose a seat that meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213. Choosing the right kind of booster seat for your child is essential, and so is installing it correctly. A poorly installed seat is worse than no seat at all.

Consult whether you ought to install a backward or forward-facing seat, a convertible or non-convertible, the ideal seat height, and so on. Always strap in your kid in the backseat. And preferably in the center of the car, away from the doors and windows.

Additional child car safety features

Besides covering the basics, you could also add additional safety features to your car to make it safe for your kids. These include window tint, blind-spot detectors, and collision warning detectors. You could also add mirrors, backup cameras, and other safety features.

If your car is already sufficiently geared up with child-safe features, you should consider getting regular maintenance checks to ensure nothing is out of order. That way, you can ensure your child’s safety and drive with confidence with far lesser chances of mishaps.

Where do I find an auto repair shop or tire shop?

Sometimes, you can’t seem to find the time to squeeze in an appointment to an auto repair shop or don’t know any nearby. In that case, just search the internet by typing in “auto repair near me,” and you’ll find a couple of places around.

It’s been said enough, but it doesn’t ring any more valid; “better safe than sorry.” You could also search for a tire shop. They too provide car safety services. Just search for “tire shop near me,” and you’re good to go. As mentioned, make sure they’re certified before proceeding.

Both auto repair shops and tire shops specialize in car maintenance. Heading to a trusted and reputed auto care shop is worth every dime spent. The professionalism of the service providers and the advice you’re going to get from them are going to be invaluable. Make it a priority to get an appointment if your car needs maintenance or child safety upgrades.

Motor car-related accidents are one of the most common in the States, making car safety a primary concern. Get your car child safe to do your part as a responsible guardian and help promote car safety.

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